The Intelligent Legging was created by the team behind parent company Blackpants Workwear…

incorporating the same vision and the simple philosophy of style meets function - to deliver quality garments that are useful in womens everyday lives.

Blackpants were the innovators of bleach resistant textiles and salon workwear- bringing functional yet stylish clothing to the cosmetology industry. After two decades, they continue to be at the forefront of garment design and fabric technology, maintaining their position as leading suppliers in the market they created.

With this solid foundation in design and technology, and fuelled with innovation and purpose, the design team carried the same vision of style meets function into the general market – taking the simple black legging and revolutionising it. Combining shapewear, compression wear and outerwear, to create a multifunctional legging that outperforms on every aspect - for every woman, and every lifestyle.